Sunday, August 24, 2014

Very first post!

Hello beautiful ladies! I had finally decided to jumped the gun and start a beauty blog sharing my experiences and learning curves. I wanted to do something different, since I am pretty new to everything. I never really got into beauty or makeup until a few years back, and wanted to sorta "document" I guess you would say, as I go. I am a mommy to a precious (but devilish....shhh!) two and a half year old, so most to all of these posts will be in an affordable range for all; at least until I feel brave enough to dip my fingers into higher end products!

So, to be helpful to you guys for future posts; here's a bit of background of my skin:

  • I have a very, super oily t-zone. Blotting becomes excessive.
  • Because of my oily skin, I am very prone to acne breakouts.
  • I have fair skin with cool/pink undertones. 
  • For reference to my color shade, I am in C1 of L`Oreal True Match Super-bendable makeup.
As for my exact skin tone, I'm not entirely sure.

I will try my very best to post at least on  blog per week, until I get into a set comfortable routine. I look forward to getting involved and getting to know you all! So please, feel free to say hi, and welcome me to the blogging world!